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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Civic Scope?

A. Civic Scope is the place to find information about everything having to do with Nashville and Middle Tennessee -- from business to entertainment to history.

Q. Where does the information come from?

A. Content is contributed and edited by users using Civic Scope's wiki setup. Anyone can contribute once they have registered.

Q. Can every article be edited (changed) by anyone?

A. It depends. The site has two main types of content:

1) "Open" content can be created or edited by anyone.It is posted immediately to the site without moderation.

2) "Controlled" content can be edited only by those to whom the content's creator grants permission. As of now, the site only allows businesses or organizations to create controlled content.

Q. What types of pages are there?

A. There are four types:

Q. How is Civic Scope different than Wikipedia?

A. Several ways. Both sites are based on knowledge contributed by users. But Civic Scope, unlike Wikipedia, contains business/organization and personal profiles for which the owner determines who can make changes. The creators of Civic Scope wanted to offer businesses, organizations and people the opportunity to present themselves as they see fit. Businesses and organizations may also created controlled topic pages for which they decide who will be allowed to edit the content.

Civic Scope, like Wikipedia, also has open topic pages that can be created and edited by anyone.

A difference is that changes to topic pages -- both those open to all users and those controlled by their creators -- appear instantly on Civic Scope, whereas on Wikipedia they are first reviewed by moderators. The creators of Civic Scope wanted to give users more control over the site than is allowed on Wikipedia.

Q. Are there guidelines for how to write an article for Civic Scope?

A. Please view the page How To Write For Civic Scope if you want to learn the best way to contribute to the site.

Q. What do I do if I spot something inaccurate or objectionable in a Civic Scope article?

A. If it is in a open topic or category page, you can simply change it yourself. If you prefer, you may click on the 'Flag this page' link in the left-hand navigatioin. That will alert site moderators to your concern.

If you are concerned about material in a business or personal profile, or on a controlled topic page, you may use the 'Flag this page' link as well.

Q. What will the moderators do if someone is intentionally posting inappropriate or inaccurate material?

A. Since Civic Scope is a community-based site, we hope that all registered users will contribute in good faith and we almost always will attempt to contact the user to try to work something out. That said, we recognize that there could be occasional problems and in some cases, the moderators may simply ban the person from using Civic Scope.

Q. Are there rules about observing good taste in posting Civic Scope material?

A. We want the site to be a place for civil discourse. The question of what is "civil" is always a difficult judgment call. Users should refrain from using obscenities and making personal attacks.

Q. Are there ways to comment on a page without adding or changing the article itself?

A. Yes. All open topic pages allow comments, which will be posted at the bottom. Creators of business/organization and personal profiles have the option of whether to allow comments on their pages.

Q. Who is behind Civic Scope?

A. Civic Scope was created by three Nashville-area residents: Barry Owens, Jim Reynolds and David Green.

Q. Why is Civic Scope a dot-org rather than a dot-com site?

A. Although Civic Scope is a for-profit site, its main purpose is to serve as a community resource. So we thought dot-org was appropriate. We followed the model of on that front. As a result we also would be classified as a Social Enterprise.Once the site becomes profitable, we plan to give a portion of our earnings to non-profit organizations voted upon by users.

Q. What if I have a suggestion about how to improve Civic Scope or a question about how it works?

A. Contact the moderators at info at

Q. How do a I create a new page?

A. Simply click on "Create a New Page" in the navigation bar at the top of the page. If you are not a registered user, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to register. Once you register, or if you are already a registered user, you will be take to a screen that will allow you to name your page and decide what kind of page it should be: topic page, business/organization profile or personal profile. Once you have name your page and chosen what type, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to start writing and uploading images.

Q. Why does Civic Scope require me to name my page with at least two capitalized words with no space between.

A. This format is a little unusual, we'll admit. But it serves a very useful purpose. Words written this way automatically link to pages with that title on Civic Scope.

Please note that merely having two capital letters in a row will not satisfy the requirements. Eg. USCapitol will not work. There must be two capitalized words. So USCapitol Dome would be acceptable.

Q. How do I edit an article?

A. If you are a registered user and you want to edit an open topic or category page, simply click on the "Edit this page!" button right above the top headline of the article. If you wish to edit a business/organization profile or a personal profile or a controlled topic page, you must either be the owner of the page or have been given permission to make changes by the owner.

Q. How do I obtain permission to edit a controlled topic page?

A. Simply click the "Edit this page!" button right above the top headline of the article. If you do not already have permission to edit it, you will be asked to fill out a form that will be sent to the page owner for review.

Q. What is the purpose of category pages?

A. Category pages are intended to make finding topics easier. Users edit category pages in ways that they think will be most helpful to others.

Q. How do I edit a category page?

A. The same way you edit any other page: Simply click on the "Edit this page!" button right above the top headline of the article.

Q. When I tried to upload an image it said the file size was too large?!

A. We need to have size limitations on uploaded files for a number of reasons.  The current size limit is 500Kb which should be physically large enough to fill an entire page on civicscope.  In version 2.0 we have a feature to be released which will automatically resize large images to a suitable size for web use during the upload process.  In the meantime, please use a graphics program on your computer to resize your images to under 500Kb before uploading them. 

Try an online image resizer such as


Here are some quick directions if you are using a windows PC...

  2. Select FILE/OPEN and open the picture you would like to upload
  3. Select IMAGE/"Stretch/Skew"
  4. Type in the percentages you would like to use to scale down the image
  5. Select FILE/SAVE AS and save it with a creative name indicating it has been resized for instance: LakeBarkleyView_Small.jpg
  6. Check to make sure the resized file is under 500Kb by right clicking on it and selecting "Properties"

If this is not enough information, you are using a mac, or would like to try a different program please try this prepopulated search for help on google!


Q. Once I got my pictures onto the page, I could not see how to move the images around and wrap text around them.  Help!

A. To move the image around, click on it and drag it with your mouse within the text.  To make text appear to the left or right of your image or to align it to the top, bottom, left, right, etc:

  1. Right click on the image, and go to “Image Properties”
    Note: If the image properties window does not popup, you have an active popup blocker on your web browser - hold down the Ctrl (Control) key while clicking on the "Image Properties" menu item
  2. In the Image Properties window you will see a dropdown menu on the very bottom right that allows you to select a variety of options for how the image will be aligned in your document.  It is labeled "Align."  If you choose "left" the image will move to the left side and text will wrap to the right of it.  You can play with the margin and border properties to jazz it up a little bit and move the text further out from the image.

click here for a google search to help you with align image properties

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