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Lake Barkley

Straddling the Tennessee-Kentucky border northwest of Nashville is Lake Barkley. The lake is home to Lake Barkley state resort park, which is about 75 miles northwest of Nashville. The lake features many species of wildlife, including golden and bald eagles. Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is located on the west shore of Lake Barkley.

There are excellent opportunities for boating, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, camping and hiking.

Lake Barkley features eight marinas, 44 boat ramps, three fishing docks, 57 recreation areas, 386 picnic sites, 315 camping sites, 9 playgrounds, 8 swimming areas and 17 miles of trails.

Vacation homes and other residential real estate are situated convenient to Lake Barkley.


Lake Barkley, formed by the damming of the Cumberland River, covers 57, 920 acres of water and features 1,004 miles of shoreline. 69,627 acres of surrounding land are included in the site, which is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The summer pool level is 359 feet above mean sea level. During the winter draw down, the lake elevation mark is 354 feet. The water temperature average is 45 to 65 during winter months and 70 to 80 during the summer months.


Among the regulations for Lake Barkley:

Camping on Islands or the east shoreline of Lake Barkley is prohibited. However remote camping is available on Land Between the Lakes shoreline with a permit from the US Forest Service.

Open campfires are not permitted on the shoreline of Lake Barkley, except below the 359 foot mark on exposed lake bottom during low lake level periods of 354 feet..

Day use fees are charged at Old Kuttawa Recreation Area. Day use fees apply to any user of the facility whether they arrive by vehicle or boat. A $30 annual pass is available for purchase from the Resource Manager's Office.

Hunting is permitted on government property during the regulated hunting season. Areas where hunting is not permitted include developed park and recreation areas, commercial marinas and areas close to private residences.

Contact information

Management of Lake Barkley may be contacted at

Resource Manager's Office
Lake Barkley
P.O. Box 218
Grand Rivers, KY 42045
(270) 362-4236


Other lakes in Middle Tennessee (Nashville region)

Other large lakes in Middle Tennessee (the region around Nashville) include: Old Hickory Lake, JPercy Priest Lake, Cheatham Lake, Cordell Hull Lake, Kentucky Lake, Center Hill Lake, Dale Hollow Lake, Tims Ford Lake.

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