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NHN Table of Contents

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Baker, Carter G.

       The Rich Mans Wife  (The Rich Man's Wife)

       Take Meouttothe Ball Game (Take Me out to the Ball Game)

       AWorried Wife  (A Worried Wife)

Baker, Terry       

      Out of the Ashes of Defeat: The Story of Confederate POW Edward L. Buford (1842-1928)

       A Place in History: Nashville's Historic Elliston Place

      "Strength and Beauty": Buford College of Nashville, 1901-1920

      Their Dust Dispersed on Many Fields: The Confederate Circle at Mount Olivet

      "With the Sun behind Him":  Captain Edward Buford Jr., Nashville's World War I "Ace"

Bockmon, Guy Alan

       Four Recent Answers from Two Old Documents

      Ghostly Tracks of the Tennessee and Pacific Railroad

       Six Triple Treat/Threat Town Sites

Book and Periodical Lists

       Books: Important Nashville and Middle Tennessee Histories       

       Books: Sectional Nashville History

      Books: Surveys of Nashville History

      Books by NHN Authors

      Nashville in the Tennessee Historical Quarterly

Boyce, Doris

       The Battle of Nashville: Shy, Smith, & Hood

       From Knickers to Body Stockings

       Luke Lea--A Biographical Sketch

       Luke Lea in the Great War

       Luke Lea in the Great Depression

       Remembering Omohundro

       A Woman Challenged: The Life of Granny White

       Woodlawn Memorial Park

Center, Linda

       Chancery Court, the Adelphi, and Adolphus Heiman

       John Crowe Ransom: Young Prophet to Poet

Chastine, Kevin

       S. H. Kress in Nashville: An Art Deco Parthenon?

Connelly, John Lawrence

       The Rebirth of Germantown

Cornwell, Ilene J.

       Angels in the Midst of Richland's Rampage

       Big Harpeth River

       From Farm to Factory

       The Robertson Monument: From Exposition Capstone to Centennial Park Monolith

Coursey, John

       Nashville Movie Theaters

Cox, Debie

       Ten Important Web Sites

       Courthouses of Davidson County, Tennessee

       Jonathan Jennings' Will

       Nashville's City Hotel

       No Lighted "Segars": Rules for Nashville's First Bridge

Edwards, Amelia Whitsitt

       Clover Bottom Beach

       Governor A.H. Roberts and His Donelson Farm

      Pioneer History of Stone's River near the Clover Bottoms

Ellis, Larry Michael

       1814 Nashville Fire

       Robert "Black Bob" Renfro: From Slave to Entrepreneur

Fieth, Kenneth

       The Army Air Forces Classification Center

       The Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County Government Archives: 23 Years and Counting

       Nikita Krushchev and Hillsboro High School

       The USS Tennessee at Pearl Harbor

       "Washed and Dryed after Being Executed": Historical Humor from the Metro Archives

Fleming, Peggy Dickinson

       Memories of Cornelia Fort

       Jacob McGavock Dickinson Sr.

Ford, Gale Wilkes

       The Hodge House in Percy Warner Park

Gilmer, Amber Barfield

       Arranging the Light: The Story of Calvert Photography

Gleaves, Edwin S.

       Cohn High School 50th Reunion, Class of 1954: Remembrances of Things Past

       Outstanding 20th Century Tennesseans

Guillaum, Ted

       A Mortal Shooting in the Tennessee State Capitol

Gulley, Frank

       Vanderbilt University and Southern Methodism

Helt, Nancy

       A History of the Buchanan Log House

Hillenmeyer, Marianne

       The Gilding of Nashville's Athena Parthenos

Huggins, Gloria Newsom

       Alice Thompson Collinsworth: Intrepid Pioneer

Johnson, Jeanne M.

       Biography of Charles Henry Ryman

Kaplan, Carol

       Remembering Nashville's Daughters

Lancaster, John S.

       Adolphus Heiman's Cemetery Stonework

Laska, Lewis L.

       An Incident in Post-Civil War Nashville: Champ Ferguson and the Hefferman Killers

Lauder, Kathy

       Banquet at the Duncan

       Frank Goodman: "A Friendly, Liberal, and Progressive Spirit"

       From Curiosity to Hope: The Work of Local Historians

       A History of the Buchanan Log House

       A Measure of Success: The Brief Political Career of Thomas A. Sykes

       Monroe W. Gooden: Ahead of His Time

       Nashville's Second Presbyterian Church

       A "New" Image of General James Robertson?

       Sampson W. Keeble: Tennessee's First African American State Legislator

       Slave to Statesman: The Story of John W. Boyd

       TSLA--Tennessee's Treasurehouse

Layhew, Ashley

       Slavery at the Hermitage


       10 Important Web Sites

       Other Important Internet Resources


       Nashville Movie Theaters

       Outstanding 20th Century Tennesseans

Loper, Sue

       Civil Rights and the Nashville Room

MacDonald, Gordon

       Letter from Mary

Marshall, John W.

       Monroe W. Gooden: Ahead of His Time

       Slave to Statesman: The Story of John W. Boyd

McClanahan, Larry D.

       Sulphur Dell, the "Goat Man," the Roxy, and Other Nashville Memories

McConnell, Georgiana T.

       A Chronology of Nashville Airports

Meador, Bonnie Ross

       The Quest for Joshua Burnett Ross


       Aesop and the Wedding of Human and Natural History

       Airdrie: Let There Be Paradise

       At the Stone-Stoner Confluence

       An Eerie Street, an Ancient Creek, an Old Log House    

        How Nashville Dishonored a President and Altered American History

        Perilous Times in Nashville      

       The Trail of Tears through Nashville

Neil, Richard R.

        The Historic Mud Tavern Community

News Releases

Nolan, Pat

       Tennessee Politics 2002: An Historic Year of Change

Norton, C. Michael

       The Stieglitz Collection at Fisk University

       Theodore Roosevelt's 1907 Nashville Visit

Phillips, Paul

       A Summary History of the Belmont Church

Price, Dave

       The Centennial Circus Lot

       The Nashville Theater of 1900

       The Old Nashville Market House, 1828-1937

      The Southern Post Card Magazine

       Thuss, Koellein & Giers

Primary Source Documents, Transcribed 

       1797 Vermin Law

       1814 Nashville Fire

       Banquet at the Duncan

       Battle of Buchanan's Station

       Jonathan Jennings' Will

       Letter from Mary

       No Lighted Segars: Rules for Nashville's First Bridge

      The USS Tennessee at Pearl Harbor

Richardson, Dale 

       The Move to Nashville

Richardson, Dewey

       The Move to Nashville

Roseman, Jean

       Lee Loventhal: Citizen Exemplar

       Reverend Charles Spencer Smith

Seat, Houston

       My Hermitage Experience

Skipper, Jack Andrew

       General James Robertson, Frontier Surgeon   

Slate, Billy J.

       Nashville on the High Seas

Slate, Mike

       A. N. Eshman and Radnor College

       The Confederate Twenty-Dollar Irony

       Daniel Boone in Nashville

       Francis Baily and the Flavor of the Tennessee Frontier

        Is Daniel Boone Our Father?

        John Montgomery's Nashville Nap

        Nashville Founding Factors

        Plowing for the Future: Peabody's Knapp Farm Adventure

       The Relevance of 1850s Nashville

       Ten Important Dates in Nashville History

       University of Nashville in the DAB

       Warren Brothers Sash & Door: A Venerable Nashville Business

       Where Is the Buchanan Station Sword?

       (See also "Musings")

Southard, Stewart

       1797 Vermin Law

St. John, Beverly 

      "He Came into This World Drawing": Ernest A. Pickup (1887-1970)

Stubbs, Rebecca Harris

       J. Percy Priest: A Fifty-Year Retrospect

Summerville, James

       School Desegregation in Nashville

Turner, JoAnn

       The Move to Nashville

Watson, Steve

       Thomas S. Watson Sr.: Miller, Ironmaster, & Business Partner of Andrew Jackson

Whitworth, Lu

      A History of the Buchanan Log House

Williams, Mary B.

      Hermitage Hotel Memories since 1929

Williams, Robert Lyle

       John Dillahunty and Baptist Origins in Nashville

Wilson, Josef

       A History of the Buchanan Log House

Wilson, Susan Douglas

       The Mill Creek Valley Turnpike

       Touring Elm Hill Pike

Wood, Leonard N.

       Duncan College Preparatory School for Boys 

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