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Tristar Health System

Tri Star Health System, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, is part of HCA Inc. The system has 14 facilities ranging in size from Centennial Medical Center, a tertiary center in the heart of Nashville with 685 beds to Ashland City , an emergency service center. Other facilities that are part of the system include Cartersville Medical Center, Greenview Medical Center, Natchex Medical Center, Skyline Medical Center, Southern Hills Medical Center, Summit Medical Center and Stone Crest Medical Center.The hospitals are vital to the communities they serve, throughout Middle Tennessee and south central Kentucky.

Tri Star and HCA was founded by Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr.

Tri Star states it differs in three ways:

They are closer to their customers. Proximity is one of our greatest strengths. We have more bricks and mortar- more feet on the street- in our local communities. Our managers and employees are actively involved in the communities they serve. They help tailor programs to meet local needs.

The  family of hospitals offers the entire continuum of care. Patients receive the care they need in the setting most convenient for them - from initial physician visits to community hospital care... to specialized services at our tertiary hub... to aftercare again in their community. 

Heart patients can get top quality cardiac care at their local hospitals backed up by the Centennial Heart Network. They can then return to their community hospitals for rehabilitation and follow-up. A patient can exercise in the aftercare program at his/her local hospital while medical personnel at the Centennial Heart Network base station talk with them and monitor the EKG signals transmitted over telephone lines.

Their premier cancer program, The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, is the leading program in the Southeast. There are 16 locations in the Middle Tennessee and south central Kentucky region with coveted certification as Sarah Cannon Cancer Centers. This means that many times patients can receive the latest cancer treatment in convenient locations closer to home while maintaining full access to our major tertiary care and research center at Centennial Medical Center.

The facilities offer a solid, always improving record of clinical and operational efficiency . A part of the strategy is to find local physicians and support their efforts with all the advantages our system brings. 

Tri Star has solid clinical excellence with its tertiary center and at the community hospitals in the system. There are examples of that excellence:

The system offers innovative treatments for breast cancer, lung cancer... all major types of cancer at The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center.

Heart surgeons Dr. Scott Rankin and Dr. Phillip Brown were the first in Tennessee to perform Port Access - a milestone in heart care that opens the door to minimally invasive options for patients who might not be candidates for surgery on a beating heart. These innovations result in a shorter hospital stay, lower cost, faster recovery and less risk for our patients.

Tri Star's training center for minimally invasive surgery located at Centennial Medical Center is one of only eight such centers in the world, one of only five in the United States. They train physicians throughout the country in ground-breaking minimally invasive, direct coronary artery bypass techniques.

Other major hospital organizations in the Mid State are Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Saint Thomas Health Systems.


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